Friday, March 16, 2012

i try organic markets

I'm not a morning person. On a Saturday there's got to be a jolly good reason for me to get out of bed earlier than that time of day when breakfast starts to morph into lunch. Two words: Kylie Kwong.

It was one of those days when the sky is so blue you wish you could put some in your pocket for the drizzly, grey days. We went to check out the Organic Markets, held every Saturday at the Carriage works, Eveleigh.

People casually perused stalls, dogs were meeting and greeting. It was so casual and easy. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood, no-one rushing, no pushing. There was fresh fruit and veg, flowers, cheese, juice, muesli, yogurt and lots of other delicious produce. Oh, and there was Kylie Kwong, the genius behind Billy Kwong.

Mama Bear (who you might remember from The Armchair Collective) and Tall-Jess had been saying all morning that Kylie's steamed pancakes were a must-try. After strolling around for a short while we went to the Billy Kwong stall. There front and centre was Kylie busily filling the steamed pancakes with an omelette, shredded carrot, bean sprouts, fresh herbs and dressing (pictured, $10).

Before I go on, I would like to point out that i am not a big fan of pancakes. It's not that i don't like them it's just that if i have the choice between pancakes and anything else I will choose anything else.

These pancakes were worth getting out of bed for! The steamed pancakes themselves were light, the omelette was fluffy and the crispy carrot and bean sprouts provided a nice textural contrast. Mama Bear said some chilli would've made them perfect but given i am still on my chili training wheels to me they were perfect. I am now a fan of Kylie Kwong pancakes. Not pancakes. Kylie Kwong pancakes.

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