Sunday, July 31, 2011

i try interior decorating

Decorating on a tight budget is hard. Decorating when both your time and your budget are limited is a whole other ball game. I recently packed my bags and moved from Perth to Sydney. I did have three suitcases and four boxes but (I'm not going to lie) they were pretty much all filled with clothes and shoes. And, the room I moved into was empty. I needed furniture and bedding fast. Really fast. Here's what I came up with:

I got an ensemble for the bed and managed to get the lady to knock $250 off the price. Sweet. Picked up the sheets half price at Myer and the quilt and quilt cover on sale at Target. I got the blanket and the throw (the one that looks like an animal) for 30% off from Adairs. Pillows were all half price. Cushions were full price but still cheap as chips from Spotlight. Yep, on a roll.

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The chest of draws next to my bed is actually two side tables I bought from the Salvos. $25 for both of them.

Whilst at the Salvos I also picked up this Harper's Bazaar Big White Book for $3. Bargain.

I also picked up this nifty shelf for $15 at a garage sale. I bought a cardboard chair for $39 to use as a place to dump clothes I can't be bothered hanging up or folding away. I bought a stack of old magazines for 50c-$1 from the opshop and piled them high to use as a second shelf. Functional and educational.

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