Sunday, September 11, 2011

i try solestruck

I know it's wrong...and a little difficult to admit. I'm am in love...with a pair of shoes. From the moment I saw them it was love. I spotted them on Solestruck. If you have never heard of Solestruck you need to get on board. Fast! It is an online shoe store with the most amazing selection of shoes.
Some people have issues with buying shoes online. However, if I was going to get my filthy little mits on these Sam Edelman boots I was going to have go online. Solestruck shows the shoe from every angle and even advises me that I the shoe fits true to size and gives insole measurements.

Some people would think the price I paid for these shoes was absolutely outrageous (my mother included). However, in the words of one of the wisest ladies I know, "it doesn't matter because they make you happy." Indeed, everytime I look at them they make me happy. So happy in fact I went back for seconds:

Who could say no to these vanilla suede and wooden Maurie and Eve wedges? Not me apparently...

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