Wednesday, November 16, 2011

i try the raw kitchen

(Note: Read my newest write up on The Raw Kitchen here.)

Tucked away in picturesque Fremantle is a little place called The Raw Kitchen. As the name implies all the food is raw, vegetarian and gluten free. You can read the little speel on their menu at the bottom of this post.

Thelma, Louise and I rendezvoused at The Raw Kitchen at 1.45pm. We were lucky to snag a table because the little kitchen was bustling. Don't worry if you can't get a table because the peeps at The Raw Kitchen are happy to do take-away. Both Thelma and Louise had been here before and thoroughly enjoyed the nachos and the live dips plate. After some quick decisions I approached the counter running through the orders in my head. Pizza, nachos and a club sandwich. Pizza, nachos and a club sandwich. I repeated these words as I waited in line eyeing off a large berry cheesecake in the cabinet nearby.

When I got to the counter I was informed that they had run out of nachos and the pizza would be a 30-60 minute wait. No worries. I switched to an extra club and the felafels. Apparently, they were out of felafels too. I switched to a third Club Sandwich (dehydrated flax cracker 'bread' topped with creamy avocado, raw mayo dressing, mango & coriander chutney, marinated mushroom pieces & fresh salad toppings, pictured, $17.90).

We chatted away, soaking in the midday sun, as we waited for our meals. We then realised that 45 minutes had gone by. Tables nearby that had, not only ordered after us, but had arrived after we had placed our order had received their meals, which happened to be a fresh batch of pizza. Louise went inside to suss the situation out and was told our sandwiches were on the way.

The sandwiches were delicious. I feel like I am doing my body a favour. The ingredients were fresh and flavoursome. Despite essentially being a sandwich full of salad it was far from bland. I couldn't help but notice some inconsistencies in the sandwiches even though we had all ordered the same dish...
We followed our sandwiches by sharing three bliss balls one choc-mint, one chocolate, one jaffa (they had run out of cheesecake). They were all delicious and again I can feel my body thanking me. Word to wise: Don't waste your time with the chocolate or the jaffa, choc-mint is where it's at.

I wouldn't normally post a menu but given we were only able to try one dish i thought i would. I really like this place. Despite the fact that our meal took forever, the service was lacking (almost non-existant) I will definitely go back. I like healthy food and it's nice to know there's no crap in my food. No extra salt, no copious amounts of butter and no "4-cheese dishes". Yep, I'll be back for the nachos...and the pizza...and the felafels. I've also heard good things about the mango lasse!

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Here's the menu. Let me know if you manage to try the nachos!

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