Saturday, June 16, 2012

i try the smiths beach to wyadup walk

When I want to get away from people this is one of my favourite walks/runs to do. The coastal scenery of the south-west in WA is stunning at anytime of year.
This walk is part of the Cape to Cape trail and this particular section starts at Smiths Point in Yallingup, WA. It follows the coast up to a lookout just passed Wyadup Beach. I ran most of the way and it took me about 45 minutes (although I did stop to take a few pictures along the way). If you park near the Canal Rocks Beach Resort you will notice the road continues on past the resort. About 150m up the road you will reach Smiths Point and this sign. This is the start of walk.

Apologies if the sign is no longer there. I should point out that this is not a well worn trail. I have done it many many times and still find myself straying from the path and having to double back. It is rocky, sandy and narrow in places. The signs you want to follow for this trail are these:

So, if you haven't seen one for a little while it may be time to retrace your steps. Towards the beginning of the trail there is a steep escarpment. Most of the rocks on the escarpment are loose and it's worth taking your time. 

You'll follow the coast and eventually the track will open up onto the Wyadup Beach car park. Just before the car park you'll notice a track leading off to the right. This track leads to a spring. The small boardwalk down at the spring is a bit dilapidated but can still be crossed with care. I have filled up water bottles from the running spring and lived to tell the tale. The water has always been crystal clear and deliciously refreshing. However, drink at your own risk.

Once you arrive at the Wyadup Beach carpark veer off to the left, cross over the road and you will see the track continues on the opposite side. The track then goes for another 500m or so before a set of steep steps take you up to the lookout.

At this point I would usually turn back but you can double the walk and keep going to Ingidup Beach. Happy trails.

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