Sunday, July 22, 2012

i try the raw kitchen again

Since my initial visit to The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle I have returned numerous times. If you have read my first post on The Raw Kitchen you will know the first visit didn't go so smoothly.

The sister and I visit fairly regularly now and they seem to have got themselves together. We have had nothing but impeccable service on every visit. The food is always consistently good. We have now tried almost everything on the menu except the raw soup. Love getting a mix of the three salads and a piece of pizza ($17.90, pictured). It's always loaded with fresh herbs, veggies and delicious cashew/macadamia nut cheese. Be warned it's very filling!

And, I know the felafel balls ($16.90, pictured) look small but you won't need to go back for seconds. They too are very filling. Nutty little balls of deliciousness.

As good as the cashew cheese is on the nachos we find entree size is more than enough! The spicy 'refried' walnut and pepita corn chips are delicious. The fresh tomato and avocado balances off the spiciness of the chips nicely. Sadly, they do tend to go soggy quite quickly, so grab some utensils. Don't worry they are still yum ($18.50 for entree, pictured).

I must say I am sad they no longer sell the raw florentines. We were told they were too time consuming. Although I do love everything I have tried on the menu (side note: mango lasso = so so so good), it would be nice to see some new additions at some point. Having said that, I will remain a regular regardless.

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