Sunday, July 22, 2012

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10 Must-have Photos in Your Instagram Arsenal

1. Pet Pic
It's very favourable if your pet is new. Puppy's tend to pull a lot of 'likes' but if all you have is a goldfish that's cool. Just borrow someone else's puppy.

2. Sunset
An absolute instagram staple. You might call this the bread and butter. Make sure you suss out some other sunset shots and make sure yours is more orange/pink/intense. Over water is preferred but not essential. Adding "#nofilter" to your sunset shot is very important. Do not forget.

3. Food Shot
This can be something you have baked (cupcakes, biscuits etc are good options) or it can be some food you've purchased at a restaurant. Make sure you say where you got your goods from because it's important that you share your restaurant choices with the world. Be sparing with your food photos. They get old quickly.

4. The Selfie
Good excuses for selfies include, but are not limited to, the following: new hair cut, some sort of razzle dazzle make-up job, to show some ridiculously amazing sunglasses or because you feel the need to put a photo on instagram and, dangit, there aint nobody or nothing around. You can make your selfie look like it's possibly not a selfie by strategically cutting the arm that is holding the phone out of shot. Noone will know the truth but you.

5. Beverage Shot
It's better if it is an alcoholic beverage like some exotic beer (the name of which you wouldn't be able to pronounce if your life depended on it) or a nice glass of vino because, oh, how you just love a glass of vino on a weeknight darling. Or shots cos you a party animal.

6. Plant Close-up
Rain drops. Rain drops will make your plant shot killeeeeerrrrrrrrr. Doesn't matter what kind of plant it is. If you can get really close to it and it has raindrops on it you are winning. Watch the likes roll in.

7. The Big Leap
Jump off something and get a mate/bystander to take a picture. Again water is preferred in this scenario, but not essential. You want height, you want mid-air, you want flipping. Just keep jumping off stuff till you get the shot! Commitment is key.

8. The View
Get yourself up a mountain or building or something. Snap that view and Instagram it pronto. Are you still here? Shouldn't you be climbing? Go!!

9. Words
Words that you have written down, words someone has spray painted on a wall, words, words, words. It kind of defeats the purpose of a photo but it is a very crucial element of your Instagram arsenal. Make sure they are funny, inspiring and/or motivational. But mostly funny. Yes, go for funny.

10. Beach
Now it needs to sunny. If it's not sunny it better be a crazy-stormy-shit-blowing-everywhere kinda shot. But, really it should be sunny. Blue water too please. White sand preferred. If there is any sort of seaweed, seriously don't even bother. Unless it's a mountain of seaweed. In that case get climbing and get shot number eight sorted. Oh, and don't forget your "no filter" hashtag cos dangit that sky really is that blue!

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